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'''Image Entertainment, Inc'''. is an American independent licensee, producer and distributor of entertainment programming and film and television productions in [[North America]], with approximately 3,200 exclusive [[DVD]] titles and approximately 340 exclusive [[CD]] titles in domestic release, and approximately 450 programs internationally via sublicense agreements. For many of its titles, Image has exclusive audio and broadcast rights as well as digital download rights to approximately 2,100 video programs and over 400 audio programs containing more than 6,000 tracks. The company is headquartered in [[Chatsworth, Los Angeles|Chatsworth, California]]. [[Category:Film distributors of the United States]] [[Category:Film production companies of the United States]] [[Category:Home video companies of the United States]] [[Category:Entertainment companies based in California]] [[Category:Companies based in Los Angeles]] [[Category:American companies established in 1981]] [[Category:Media companies established in 1981]] [[Category:1981 establishments in California]] [[Category:American record labels]] [[Category:Companies formerly listed on NASDAQ]]

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